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Using cryptocurrency in online - gambling, demonstrating their ability to gambling To begin, consider what is an online gambling (gambling - gambling or gaming organization). with the advent of computer network on the Internet, there is such kind of services like online - casino. The first such casino was opened in 1997 in the United States. There was created the opportunity to play the same games of chance, as in the conventional gaming establishments. At the request of the players were there and poker, and blackjack, roulette, and not to mention about the gaming machines (video poker and video slot). Over time, at the online gambling market appeared company who develop this business: Microgaming, Playtech, Igrosoft, Novomatic, Onlyplay and many others. Online - gambling refers to a sufficiently large and profitable business. As early as 2012, studies were conducted Gambling Capital, showed that the annual turnover in the online environment - gambling totaled 28.5 billion dollars. Today the company Gambling Compliance which monitors global gaming industry, believes that the real value of online – gaming only in the US ranges from 4 to 7 billion. Well, this proves that the gambling industry in the network is already well developed, but it is a percentage of the total gambling is not more than 10%. And there is space for development, and hope for rapid progress gives cryptocurrency attraction.
What is most  needed  for organizers online casinos and their customers? Players worry about comfort of organized games and own anonymity. And organizers of care and guarantee timely payment. traditional calculations create problems for the organizers and players, and it is prolonged in time, the timing of payments and extremely high interest rates. Namely cryptocurrency, the best way to meet these requirements, if it is specially created for this purpose. What are the advantages of Bitcoin fiat currency in the online - gambling? First of all, it Bitcoins decentralized and its independence from the government and any other agencies. The important role played by the fact that traditional fiat calculations provide players some problems. This and terms of payment of winnings, is often prolonged in time, not to mention the extremely high commission percentage. As we have already mentioned above, there is also the problem of anonymous players who are worried about their privacy and the confidentiality of their remittances.
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency able to solve these problems. The laws of countries do not apply to it and do not prohibit online - gambling. They provide almost instant transfer of funds from one Bitcoin - wallet to another, anywhere in the world, providing complete transparency of transactions. Note that the rate paid can not be returned back. A fee is a very small percentage. Yes, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency not guarantee complete anonymity, but using such new developments as Darkcoin and Cryptonote, the ability to identify an extremely reduced.
Gambling existed on the entire interval of civilization. The modern world has provided an opportunity to dive into the world of their own interests with the help of a computer, making bets using Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. But recall that the term "gambling" also means a gaming addiction, which destroyed not one human life.

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